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MEGA SEAL General Purpose Epoxy Compound

There are two component (Resin and Hardener) epoxy formulation. Resin component is a light gray in color and hardener component is dark gray in color.

The resin component and hardener component are cut proportionaly and are mixed thoroughly before use. It is general type and fast curing consisting of resin and hardener epoxy formulations and packed in stick forms. It has vast applications and is used for sealing, joining, fixing and building a variety of surfaces. Once cured it has a very tough and lasting bond.


General Purpose Epoxy Compound

It can be advantageously used for:

  • Indusrial: Sealing blow holes, cracks and leakages in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and castings. Can be moulded to give a smooth, finished, original look to the surface.
  • Electrical: Sealing and insulating cable terminals, cable entry into switch boxes and other elctrical faults including oil filled electrical products. It is very useful in bonding metal parts to porcelain parts in electrical components.
  • Automobile: For fixing dents and cracks and sealing leakages in radiator, fuel tank, engine blocks, gear box, differential, carburettor, and other major & minor automotive componentseholds: Repairing, sealing and fixing-leakages and cracks in sanitaryware, bathroom fittings, taps, pipe joints, window panes, furniture, marble/granite/wooden blocks, nails, screws etc.


    Product Density g./ml. Impact Impact Noched Compression kg./cm2 Flexural kg./cm2 Tensile kg./cm2 Hardness Store - D Tensile Adhesive MS to MS kg./cm2 Shear Adhesive MS to MS kg./cm2 Dielectrical Strength Kv/mm Water Absorption (24 hrs. RT) % by wt.
    General Purpose 2.316 2.9 - 899 333.08 129.87 80 80 95> 10 1.170

    Standard Packings: 50gms, 100gms, 1kg packs

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